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Motor homes: Make sure your motor home is squeaky clean

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Owning a motor home is a real treat, you can go anywhere whenever you want and you get a real freedom to explore the UK, Europe and beyond!

If you are interested in purchasing a motorhome visit or get in touch with them to find out more about their products and services.


So what do you need to know about buying a motor home and what costs are you likely to incur after?

There are your standard expenses such as Fuel, tyres, insurance, tax and washing. But in addition to that you have requirements such as servicing and habitation requirements.

So let’s go into more depth:

Tyres cheap enough really, especially as you aren’t going to use them that often! So try Kwik fit or occasionally Cost co have some great offers on 4 tyres.
Fuel A growing cost, but one that has stabilised over the last 6 months. Diesel is more efficient and you will get more miles per gallon, but engines are typically more expensive in the new and used markets. Look for automatic vehicles as they are more economical, due to the way they change gear.


Its best to have both an annual habitation service and a standard vehicle service, there aren’t that many specialist companies around, but one that seems to be highly regarded is the Motor home Service Centre near Luton.

Insurance Not as expensive as people think, especially if you are over 30. Try comparison sites and shop around, once you have a good price then pick up the phone and play insurance companies off against one and other.

Tax A bit frustrating that you have to pay tax on a vehicle that is used infrequently, but until the government starts charging for usage rather than a flat vehicle fee, then you have no choice. Find out more.

When cleaning your motorhome its best to let someone do it for you! Get it cleaned and keep the cover on it to protect from the elements.


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