All About Hiring A Mercedes

When driving through populated streets, pedestrians may wish they were you in a car that is full of sophistication, power and style. Mercedes has been one of the cutting edge automotive brands in the entire industry as they use up-to-date technology and features that aim to beat their competitors. Find out about Direct Mercedes.

It is now easier than ever to hire a Mercedes car of your dreams as there are rental companies that can offer you the most state of the art cars of the century. We recommend City Inter-Rent based in London. Customers turn to them when they wish to hire a luxury and innovative car that is powerful.

If you’d prefer another car to the range of Mercedes below, we have an alternative car that is just as exciting.

Aston Martin DB9

This car is graced with elegance and power and is perfect when making an impression in front of friends or professional connections. You can tour any part of the UK in the ultimate way – in style. Experience a new lifestyle for a few days and enjoy the thrill you will face when hiring an Aston Martin. Find out more.

Mercedes CLS400

You can enjoy this Mercedes for one day, multiple days or a week long experience. The CLS400 has upped its game by changing a few things about the vehicle. Read more.

Some of which include:

  • New bumper design
  • Bigger wing mirrors
  • Entertainment centre
  • New exhaust pipes
  • LED rear taillights

Mercedes GLE Coupe

Try the Mercedes GLE Coupe and turn the heads of pedestrians as you drive passed them. This car is ideal if you wish to make a great first impression and a business meeting or event and watch how much better it will go compared to a standard car.

The Mercedes combines sports with comfort – experience the smooth transmission where anybody could drive it with ease. Even at the most intense speeds, this car is designed to keep the driver in control of the car with leather seats and lateral control.

Mercedes S500 LWB

This vehicle combines aesthetics, ability and power all into one. If you wish to have a driving experience that is unlike any other, then the S500 LWB is one where you can achieve it – it simply brings out the best in the motorist and the overall driving action.

If you’re travelling around the UK, then this car will get you to each point with ease.

Mercedes Maybach S600

How about the classiest one of them all? The Mercedes Maybach S600. You can hire this car for almost any length of time that is agreed.

The ultimate style is offered with this vehicle as it comes with a sleek design including crisp lines, rounded curves and features to complete your journey, as well as making people envious of what you have.