Welcome To Direct Mercedes

Here at the Direct Mercedes website we are here to help you through the difficult process of buying a new car. Purchasing a car is tricky and if you are easily persuaded, you might find yourself plumping for the car they want you to buy, rather than the one that is best for you. Remember, time is your friend, and this is important to bear in mind.

Don’t feel pressured into buying the car they want you to buy, there are an endless number of cars for sale, and you are always able to walk away. This is your main method to combat the enticement and methods that sales people will use. If you have any questions regarding Automotive Sales and Servicing, send us an email today.

Our Experience

Direct Mercedes has over 60 years experience of advising on the retailing new and used mercedes, but that’s not to say we rely on our past performance to ensure your satisfaction. Our advice on dealerships, equipment and systems are the most modern available and we constantly invest in the latest technology to give you the best local experience of the brands of cars that are represented.

With businesses having over 300 manufacturer approved used VW, used SEAT and used Alfa cars in stock they have a car to suit everybody. If you have a car to part exchange we can help advise you, whatever make it is.

When it comes to running your vehicle, we offer high quality advise regarding Servicing and MOT’s by our trained team of technicians complemented by our extensive parts departments. We look forward to helping with all your vehicle purchasing and servicing requirements.